do your staff have the right skills to deliver your key goals?


the digital approach to

skills auditing

Until now, skills audits have been time consuming, disruptive and most often out-of-date before completion.  We have brought skills auditing into the digital space with our powerful AI based algorithmic solution, which takes snapshots of each individuals’ skills gaps and strengths, without any disruption to your organisation.  We align your competency framework with staff achievements and illuminate growth opportunity insights through a collection of skills audit reports and intuitive data visualisation dashboards.  

Our services include:

Compile Prescribed Job Profiles

We compile skill needs for each work function in the organisation necessary to perform the post effectively.

Customised Online Survey Forms

We build customised online survey forms to collect the revelant employee training history data needed to conduct the skills audit.

Showcase Current Skills Strengths

We showcase employee’s current competencies, qualifications, training courses attended and competencies acquired.

Identify Skills Gaps & Training Needs

We pinpoint all skills gaps and training needs within an organisation, including high priority and critical scarce skills. 

Intuitive Data Visualisation Dashboards

We build intuitive online data visualisation dashboards to graphically represent our  findings distributed by a variety of criteria.

Generate WSPs from Skills Audit Data

We produce SETA-ready Workplace Skills Plans in accordance with prescribed occupational categories and levels.

how we do it

the process

We kick-off with a virtual meeting with all parties involved in the project to outline the data requirements and the expected deliverables.  Clients are then given a set of prescribed Microsoft Excel templates to complete and we handhold them throughout the process to ensure that the correct data is collected.  In addition, customised online surveys are deployed to collect any missing data, if necessary.  We then, in conjunction with the HR Team, compile a set of Job Profiles for each work function within the organisation.  All gathered data is then imported into our Skills Audit Algorithm, we run the Skills Audit and analyse the findings.  

what you get from us

the deliverables

We wrap-up the skills audit project with a virtual handover meeting where we present our insights through a collection of skills audit reports and intuitive visualisation dashboards, showcasing the strengths within the company and pinpointing where additional training is needed.  We also generate a Microsoft Excel extract of the skills audit results which can be used to populate your HR systems or aid with the cmpilation of your company’s Workplace Skills Plan.

Visualisation Dashboards

what will a skill audit cost?

the pricing 

Our Skills Audit fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on the current number of employees within your company plus a set base fee. Additional services such as building and conducting online surveys and compiling Workplace Skils Plans will be quoted separately.