are you still managing your skills development manually?


skills management system

skills administrator

In South Africa’s fast changing skills development landscape, training & talent management is almost becoming a scientific process and with SETA demands increasing, managing it manually is becoming more and more difficult to achieve.  Skills Administrator is the perfect Skills Development Management System for small to medium sized companies to manage day-to-day training, compile Workplace Skills Plans, generate Annual Training Reports and produce BBBEE Skills Development Scorecards. Built as a “plug-in” to Microsoft Access, this user-friendly, desktop application demands little technical specifications.  It’s extremely simple to setup and requires no permanent internet connectivity.

one intergrated system

key features

To successfully manage an organisation’s employee skill set, Skills Administrator uses 3 integrated components:  Skills Auditing, Skills Planning and Training Scheduling.  This integrated process allows for the results from a Skills Audit to be fed into the Workplace Skills Plan compiler and Training Event Scheduler.  Using complex algorithms, Skills Administrator “re-audits” itself using the outcomes from any training attended, to provide real-time insights of the organisation’s Workplace Skills Plan progress and Skills Development Reporting.

Manage skills gaps and training needs

  • Capture or import employee’s skills gaps and prioritise training needs;
  • Ensure that training and development will be relevant;
  • Use the results to facilitate more effective succession planning;
  • View Skill Gaps in variety of formats;
  • Print a range of Training Needs Analysis reports;
  • Identify the skills and knowledge requirements in one click.

Compile Workplace Skills Plans

  • Capture your Workplace Skills Plan or import it directly from Microsoft Excel;
  • Identifying candidates training needs directly from learner’s Job Profiles;
  • Set deadline dates and capture budget costs for each entry;
  • Print your WSPs in a variety of Management and SETA formats;
  • Continuously monitor the status of your Workplace Skills Plan.

Manage day-to-day training

  • Schedule training events by using drop-down menus;
  • Invite participants directly from your Workplace Skills Plan;
  • Notify learners automatically by email, fax or memo;
  • Capture learner responses and send confirmation;
  • Print Attendance Registers, Name Badges & Table Tents;
  • Capture learner attendances and assessment results;
  • Print Annual Training Reports in a variety of SETA formats;
  • Print Skills Development BBBEE scorecard.

what will a skill administrator cost?

the pricing

Because Skills Administrator is developed in South Africa, our fees are based in our local currency with no foreign exchange spikes and fluctuations.   Our three versions, Lite, Elite and Professional, allow clients to purchase the exact version that meets their specific needs with the option to upgrade if and when they need too.  We will hand-hold you through the installation, assist with employee data migration, facilitate virtual training sessions and provide on-going support packages.