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Solutions Connexion is a Level 4 BBBEE company whose core mission is to help its clients identify and bridge gaps, optimise their strengths and deliver results to complex data analytic problems within a very short space of time.   We specialise in digital skills auditing and management solutions that streamline essential skills development processes.  Since our establishment in 2001, we have worked in the human resources arena developing systems that complement existing human resources practices, government legislation and digital advancements.

Our solutions are characterised by a high degree of automation and electronic delivery to ensure that they can be easily synchronised with systems at the heart of the business today.  We have proven expertise in creating leading-edge skills development management systems aimed specifically at the corporate market.  Our flagship solution, Digital Skills Auditing, uses an innovative algorithm to accurately pinpoint an organisation’s skills strengths and skills gaps that impact their bottom line. With the emergence of digital transformation, data-driven organizations rely entirely on data analysis to make well-informed and quick decisions.  As data visualisation specialists, we use data analytic technologies to draw knowledge and insights from data and deliver visually appealing dashboards and intuitive graphic reports.

our core


Digital Skills Auditing

We have brought skills auditing into the digital space with our powerful AI-based algorithmic solution, which takes snapshots of each individuals’ skills gaps and strengths, without any disruption to your organisation.


Skills Management

Skills Administrator is the perfect skills management solution for companies to manage training, compile Workplace Skills Plans, generate Annual Training Reports and submit BBBEE Skills Development Scorecards.


Data Visualisation

We use data analytics to build powerful data-driven visualization dashboards to turn complex data into real-time, intuitive communications and meaningful insights in visualized digestible formats.



We welcome strategic partnerships because we capitalise on the sharing of resources between ourselves and other individuals or companies by offering information, services and other resources that we otherwise either have no access to or could only access through collaborative exchange.

Three strategic partnerships we offer:


Outsource your entire skills audit project to us and we will take care of everything.  We white-label outcomes to create discrete fronts to clients.


We collaborate with service providers on skills audit tenders, primarily in government sectors and learning institutions. 


Become a reseller and/or distributor of our products and services on a commission-based agreement.

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our clients

I am thrilled to share the exhilarating success story of Airports Company South Africa’s partnership with the dynamic duo— Mark Dane and Solutions Connexion! Brace yourselves for a journey that’s not just transformative but downright electrifying.   Our adventure with Solutions Connexion kicked off on May 1st, 2023, when they clinched the coveted tender to revolutionize our Digital Skills Audit. Imagine the excitement as we dove headfirst into a process that included a Qualification Assessment and a Competency Assessment for our 2400 rockstar employees scattered across South Africa’s bustling airports.

Hold onto your seats because Mark Dane, the maestro behind it all, wove his magic into creating an online Skills Audit Portal that’s nothing short of groundbreaking. A user-friendly haven where our incredible team could self-assess their qualifications and Competency proficiencies with absolute ease. And guess what? We wrapped up this entire spectacle in a jaw-dropping six months!  Mark Dane’s expertise and hands-on dedication became the secret sauce to identifying and addressing our organization’s skills gaps. The result? We now stand on a bedrock of strength, armed to tackle our training needs and sculpt tailor-made learning development plans for our invaluable team members.

In the spirit of contagious excitement, we wholeheartedly recommend Solutions Connexion to lead your Digital Skills Audit. It’s not just a partnership; it’s an exhilarating journey toward excellence.  Get ready to elevate, excel, and embrace a future where the possibilities are as limitless as your enthusiasm for success!

Mpumi Oyola
Head Of Training

The Mr. Price Group implemented Skills Administrator in 2004 to manage our Training and skills development across our various divisions.   It afforded us a platform to keep track of all learning taking place throughout the business, from internal classroom sessions, external training as well as learner-ships and provided the capability to monitor costs associated with interventions.

In addition Solutions Connexion conducted our Skills Audit for our 10 000 employees which assisted us compiling a realistic Training Needs Analysis that we could easily convert to our Workplace Skills Plan as required by the W&R SETA.   

A key factor in the success we had with the system was the technical support we received directly from Mark Dane.  He attended to all our requests in a professional manner, always striving to clearly understand our requirements.  This allowed Mark to provide us with practical advice and support on how the system could be better utilised to meet our needs.

Karen Wells
Group HR Services Executive

Many thanks to Mark Dane from Solutions Connexion for making our skills audit project a worthwhile journey. Our initial frustrations and concerns were dealt with as you stayed alongside of us, offering explanations, solutions and insights each step of the way.

The result of our collaboration with you is that we now have both meaningful data and a simple framework we can continue to utilize in the future.

The framework, while allowing us to link our employee database, job profiles, required competencies and training registers, has meant that, at a glance, we are now able to determine skills gaps or strengths by individual, group or company and use the data for succession and learning and development planning.

We now have improved data and insight to move us forward into the future, thanks to Solutions Connexion.

Sherry Butler
Group Learning & Development Manager

I am pleased to write this testimonial regarding Change Agility’s experience with Mark Dane and Solutions Connexion.

Our leadership team were pleased and impressed with both Mark’s knowledge and willingness to guide us through the complexities of a Skills Audit and Workplace Skills Plan processes we had to perform for four (4) of our clients.

The solution offered by Mark and Solutions Connexion was engaging, appropriate and effective.  It set the tone for the importance of Skills Development Planning and enabled our clients to embrace the concept of employee skills development.

The major contribution to the success of this project was Solutions Connexion’s overall guidance throughout the process, and we would highly recommend Mark to any company who wants to drive sustainable and effective Workplace Skills Planning.

Hanlie Krause
Operations Manager