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Harness the power of Facebook advertising to drive sales to your business

There are currently over 3 billion active social media users worldwide who use social media as their main source for news and information.  This is why it’s crucial for your company to establish an digital presence for continued sales growth.  We use of social media and social networks to market your company and provide a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones.  We capitalise on the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive sales leads and conversions from specific targeted online audiences to your products and services.

Social Media Marketing Bouquet:

  • Create Facebook Business Page with professional banner image;
  • Create effective copy to promote your product and service offerings;
  • Create eye-catching Facebook Ads to promote your brand awareness;
  • Create Engagement Facebook Ads using Offers to promote your business;
  • Create strategies to connect Facebook Advertising to in-store sales;
  • Create strategies to track actions to your website;
  • Create Facebook Ads to get targeted email addresses;
  • Create Viral Video Strategies to connect new clients to your business

Ready to start building your SMM Campaign?

Social Media Marketing Starter Package:

Facebook Business Page, professional banner image and product and service setup.

R2 000.00