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Keep existing customers happy with effective campaigns.

Email Marketing continues to drive one of the highest, if not the highest, Return on Investment for Digital Brands.  It not only helps you stay in touch with existing customers but it’s also a great way to build brand awareness and drive new clients to your business.

But, using standard email software for your bulk emails, managing your database manually, sending generic impersonal emails to everyone, and not being able to track who’s engaging with them, often proves ineffective. 

We use powerful, large-scale sending platforms to implement complex bulk email marketing campaigns, ensuring fast delivery and the best delivery rates, while remaining fully POPI compliant.  We’ve proved that the combination of the right content, coupled with really smart designs, will ensure you turn prospects into new customers and encourage existing customers to buy again. 

Email Marketing Bouquet:

  • Build and manage your subscriber database;

  • Create attractive email campaigns that respond to any screen;

  • Send thousands of personalised emails at once;

  • Track, analyse and report who’s reading your emails.

Let's start building your first email marketing campaign

Email Marketing Starter Package:

Email Marketing campaign setup, Subscription Database setup, Email Distribution including R1000 Ad Spend budget.

R4 000.00