Do you know the risk of NOT knowing your company’s skills gap?

You know that ill-informed and untrained workers are more at risk of accidents and injuries. Your company may end up with massive bills not only for replacement and repairs but, even more importantly, for paying medical bills and compensating employees and their families. In addition, if your company does not comply with legislation it can and will be prosecuted. In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers are required to work with their employees to ensure safety in the workplace. They also have to provide the necessary information and training in this area. Legislation specific to certain sectors– such as the Mine Health and Safety Act – are also quite explicit when it comes to the employer’s responsibilities in this area. Again, it comes down to having and providing accurate information regarding the skills level (and skills gaps) of all employees. It’s of vital importance to train your employees accordingly and to employ skilled people who understand and enforce safety procedures and are able to even provide on-site medical attention or rescues. Requirements for tenders advertised by state owned enterprises and government departments also stipulate certain safety standards. Not adhering could not only mean loss of revenue for your company but open the way to penalties and prosecution.